Cracking heartnuts

Heartnoten have a hard shell. It is almost impossible to seperate them neatly on the seam with an ordinary nutcracker. No worries: a hammer will do the trick!

benodigdheden voor kraken

1. You need:
- a hammer
- a nutcracker or pliers
- a flat knife
Make sure you work on a hard surface.

hartnoot vastpakken

2. Hold the nut between your thumb and index finger, with the seam touching the hard surface.
You may want to cover the surface with a cloth.


hartnoot kraken

3. Give a firm. short blow on the seam with the hammer.
Repeat this until you hear the shell burst with a "tick" (usually after 2 to 3 blows).

4. Grip the nut in the nutcracker and lightly squeeze until the nut opens slightly at the sharp end.

hartnoot openen

5.Insert the knife in the open sharp end and move it along the seam around the nut. You may have to wiggle about a bit.


6. Remove the fruit and keep the shells.